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Git Shell Scripts

Git revert specific commits from command line

There can be cases where you want to revert a branch or commits in git but due to many other commits on the top of it, Github does not show revert button for branch/commits or does not allow to revert… Continue Reading →

GitHub pull request analysis using SonarQube

SonarQube provides Github plugin using which it can publish inline comments in the git pull request for issues found in the modified/new codes of the pull request. So you do not have to manually review Github pull request and add… Continue Reading →

Git pull, Merge, Push master branch or specific branch into multiple branches at once using shell script

This post is useful to those who are maintaining multiple branches on multiple servers and merge production branch or any specific branch to all other branches once something gets updated to production branch or the specific branch. For example: If you… Continue Reading →

Display current Git Branch name in Terminal Prompt in Mac

It’s difficult to know the name of the current active GIT branch in the terminal so let’s see how to do configuration to show active Git Branch name in Terminal. Run below command in terminal to open the file. sudo… Continue Reading →

Generate SSH key for GIT Authorization

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