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Create mac app from a shell script

Ever thought of having an application to run it directly instead of multiple shell commands? And won’t it be cool to just convert your shell script into a Mac application and use it just like any other mac applications? So… Continue Reading →

Devtools Code Snippets and its benefit

Snippet: Snippets are small scripting feature that allows you to execute within the sources panel of Chrome Developer tools. It executes from the context of the currently opened page. Can access and run them from any page. Firefox┬áhas scratchpad editor… Continue Reading →

Export data from the Chrome browser console

Ever wondered how to save any data or a large object from Chrome browser console while debugging? Let’s talk about it and get the hands on that. It’s pretty easy to do it with a few clicks and a simple… Continue Reading →

Getting started with Jenkins – An Open Source Continuous Integration Server

What is Jenkins: An open source continuous integration server. Helps to continuously and automatically build, deploy and test your software/project. Helps you to monitor the execution of tasks which in turn allow you to focus more on writing code and… Continue Reading →

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