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Logging Service levels – How it should be in Your Application

Logging Service Objective: Logging in an application should not be just for the sake of logging so it should not lack coverage, consistency, and purpose. It should be the center point of any functionality. A good/proper logging implementation tells the story… Continue Reading →

setup ftp only access for server and for multiple users

By following steps mentioned below, you can allow a user(s) to access the server via FTP and allow access to only their home directories. In below setting/configs, using “testuser1” as username and directory “user_homedir_1” to allow access for “testuser1”. access… Continue Reading →

Apache KeepAlive – On or Off?

KeepAlive: KeepAlive is to reuse the same connection to transfer multiple files between the web browser and the web server. Its a persistant connection.   KeepAlive [Advantage]: Improves website speed: It reduces latency associated with HTTP transfers and delivers a better user… Continue Reading →

Monitor your Servers and Processes with Supervisor tool

What is Supervisor It is a Process Control System which allows you to monitor and control a number of processes. What it can do It can be configured to automatically restart processes on a crash. (operating system signals Supervisor immediately… Continue Reading →

View password of any host saved in FileZilla

To view saved password for any host in FileZilla. – Go to  %APPDATA%filezilla (Shortcut: Type “%APPDATA%filezilla” in Start->Run) – Open sitemanager.xml. ‘sitemanager.xml‘ file contains all the configuration of the site you added in FileZilla.

Create Multiple Virtual Hosts in Windows

Virtual Host let you run multiple Websites on your computer. It also lets you store the files for those sites anywhere on your computer and not just in the C:XAMPP/htdocs folder. The process to create VIrtual Host: 1. Add a… Continue Reading →

Create Multiple Virtual Hosts in Ubuntu.

Enable Apache mod_rewrite: sudo a2enmod rewrite Set up some site folders in the Document root, for Ubuntu it is located at /var/www: Create directory: mkdir /var/www/mysite.comNOTE: Create an index.html file in each of these folders just for testing purposes…. Continue Reading →

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