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AWS Shell Scripts

Preserve application logs to external storage or aws s3

If you keep autoscaling your servers after some interval of time to shutdown/terminate old servers and create new to have fresh servers up and running each time, then you may want to preserve files from the server like application logs,… Continue Reading →

AWS – Cloudwatch Logs

Set up AWS cloud watch Logs: Configure your IAM role or user for Cloud Watch Logs: Cloud Watch uses the Identity and Access Management (IAM) service for authentication and authorization so follow step:1 in below AWS doc link.

Download AWS… Continue Reading →

AWS: From creating instance AMI to updating Auto Scaling group at once using shell script

This post is useful for people who are maintaining their code on below scenarios: You are using aws cloud server to manage your application codebase. Using aws autoscaling feature with launch configuration for autoscaling server. After server codebase updated, you… Continue Reading →

Converting AWS EC2 PV(Para Virtual) instance to HVM instance

This post is useful to those who want to convert AWS ec2 instance from PV type to HVM type. Linux Amazon Machine Images(AMI) uses two type of virtualization which is either ParaVirtual (PV) or Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM). If you are… Continue Reading →

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