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How to Upgrade SonarQube from its previous version to new version.

In this post we will see how SonarQube can be upgraded to the newer version, for example, upgrading SonarQube 5.2 to SonarQube 5.4. NOTE: Read upgrade notes from below link for each version upgrade to see if there are any extra… Continue Reading →

GitHub pull request analysis using SonarQube

SonarQube provides Github plugin using which it can publish inline comments in the git pull request for issues found in the modified/new codes of the pull request. So you do not have to manually review Github pull request and add… Continue Reading →

PHP CPD (PHP Copy Paste Detector) – Detecting duplicate code in PHP files

PHP CPD (PHP Copy Paste Detector) – Detecting duplicate code in PHP files
It is a PEAR tool that makes it easier to find duplicate code in php application.

PHP CodeSniffer – A video session to show the installation process and integrating with editor and also setting up CodeSniffer standard for CodeIgniter

Below are the links can be followed for more reference:

Code Review = Quality Code

What is it: It is a process of making source code available for other developers to review with an intention of catching bugs and design errors, consistency with overall program design and quality of comments adherence to coding standards before the… Continue Reading →

PHP CodeSniffer – A tool to help writing codes as per coding standard guideline.

What is PHP Code Sniffer: A package for syntax checking. It can check code against defined rules, covering anything from white space through document comments to variable naming conventions and beyond. Available from PEAR. Installation and use (Command line interface):… Continue Reading →

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