Javascript’s Date() does not work with IE & Safari

Date() does not work with IE & Safari

Working with Date() in programming is a little tricky so in this post, we will see when the Date() does not work in IE and Safari. Also will learn how to fix it.

  • Most languages have come up with some built-in functionality to help with date function.
  • JavaScript in particular has lots of useful functions to aid in getting, setting, and outputting dates.
  • This simple basic code below works in all browsers because it simply gives the current date-time.
new Date();

Now The Problem

  • When it comes to passing and calculating dates using the new Date(), the below code will not work on IE or Safari.
new Date("2020-08-26 12:29:33");

// Firefox also returns ‘Invalid Date’ whereas it works in Chrome.
new Date("10-26-2020");
  • Here, IE returns ‘NaN’ and Safari returns ‘Invalid Date’ because for some reason, IE and Safari do not support this type of date format “YYYY-MM-DD”.

And the Solution

  • So the solution is to pass a valid date format to Date() Object that supports across all browsers.
  • The following are some valid date formats:
// yyyy, mm-1, dd
new Date(2020, 09, 26);

// yyyy, mm-1, dd, hh, mm, ss
new Date(2020, 09, 26, 11, 12, 29);

// "mm/dd/yyyy"
new Date("10/26/2020");

// "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss"
new Date("10/26/2020 12:29:29"); 

// milliseconds
new Date(1608921000000);

// "Day Month dd yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT"
new Date("Sat Dec 26 2020 11:12:29 GMT");

I hope this helps you understand and fix the Date() format issue with IE and Safari.


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