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What’s new in Angular 15

  • Angular 15 is the latest version of the Angular framework at the time of writing this post.
  • Released on November 16, 2022.
  • The focus is on stability this year.
  • node.js versions supported: 14.20.x, 16.13.x, and 18.10.x
  • TypeScript version supported: 4.8 or later
  • Comes with several new features and improvements that make it easier for developers to build high-performance, scalable web applications, and to take advantage of the latest technologies and platforms.

Let’s see what’s new in Angular 15.

Stable standalone APIs– Introduced in Angular 14 and now stable in Angular 15.
– Allows building apps without using Ng Modules.
– Allows bootstrapping an application in a single component.
– Completely functional with the router, Angular Elements, HttpClient, etc.
– Simplify development and serve as an alternative to NgModules.
– Angular CLI has been updated to support standalone components.
ng g component –standalone
Directive Composition API– Gives ability to add directives to host elements for code reusability.
– Only works with standalone directives.
Multi-Route Application– Easily build multi-route applications using standalone APIs.
– Removes unnecessary features from the router at the build time hence reducing the bundle size.
Functional Router Guards– It uses the tree-shakable standalone router APIs and helps smaller Angular’s bundle.
Router unwraps default imports– Automatically unwraps default exports using the feature of lazy loading.
Image Directive (NgOptimized Image)– Automatically generate the SRC set.
– Reduces the download time of images by image upload with appropriate size.
– ‘fill’ mode as new feature (experimental) which eliminates declaration of image’s width and height as image fill its parent container.
– Standalone NgOptimizedImage can be used directly in a component.
Better Stack Traces– Error messages focused on code instead of errors from third-party dependencies.
– Trace more of a development code than showing libraries it calls.
Stable MDC-Based Components– MDC (Material Design Components) now makes it easier to refactor the component-based Angular material.
Automatic Language Service Import– Components used in templates but not added to standalone components or NgModules can be automatically imported by the language service.
Extended esbuild Support– Quicker build time and pipeline simplification.
– Support of ng build-watch.
CDK Listbox– For focus management, keyboard interaction, and bidi layout support.
– Based on WAI-ARIA listbox pattern.
Other improvements– Angular CLI lets you generate a new standalone component.
– Reduce confguration by removing test.ts, polyfills.ts, and environments.
– Default formatting configuration for DatePipe can be changed globally.

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